Dear MCU!Nova Corps:

Your goddamn uniforms are going to drive me to distraction the whole goddamn film.


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2013 went down the toilet, esp. the second half holy fuck. i will gladly keep you updated on the party, ofc. it's gonna be small and mom's gonna be the designated driver. you're back in seattle, right?

Yep, I am back home

Still Aten’t Dead

I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster I haven’t abandoned you guys. My physical and mental health still have yet to bounce back from the gauntlet they’ve been run through this winter, which included (AT LAST) the total hysterectomy I’d been begging for for the better part of a decade. In true Expo fashion the surgery involved a fairly nasty complication that required repair, and dealing with the abrupt onset of surgically-induced full-blown menopause at the ripe old age of 33 has been a massive struggle. BUT I have determined not to let it reduce me to a cavedwelling hermit and I promise I’ll be posting more often. (I’m also writing! The third chapter of Beyond the Sea is coming very soon, after, uh, a year’s hiatus sob. Stay tuned!)

In the meantime, know that I still love you all dearly, my favorite people

Does anyone else play that sort of sad fandom Old Spice commercial game where you go:




“Hello fan, look at your show, now back to that fic, now back at your show, now back to that fic. Sadly, that fic isn’t your show, but if it stopped using misogyny, racism, and homophobia, your show could be awesome like that fic.

Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on Tumblr with a manip that your show could look like.

What’s on your screen? Back at your show. AO3 has it, it’s a fully-completed, 50-chapter, in-character fic of that pairing you love. Look again, that fic is now an AU set in your favorite genre.

Anything is possible when you get your entertainment from fandom and not the show.

I’m on a blog.”

This might be the most perfect post on tumblr


Tron Fandom: We reject your reality and substitute our own, because clearly you guys cannot be arsed

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What they don’t tell you about surgical menopause: how fucking *fast* it sets in.

On the more amusing side two of the symptoms listed in the “Welcome to Menopause” folder they gave me yesterday are “loss of sex drive” and “insomnia” and I laughed so hard I nearly exited the stratosphere.

I Aten’t Dead

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger lately and I’m super-sorry. Real Life has been a nightmare of depression, OCD, and medical bullshit since I came back from California, but I’m recovering, and I hope to be around more (and writing again!) soon. In the meantime, be assured that I still love and miss you all.

Glowing neon hearts,

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Journey - Separate Ways

The Tronblr National Anthem


I still can’t help hearing this as a message from Tron/Rinzler to Yori after the coup.

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Coming soon at the cinema.




oh hey dig this complete lack of female lead movies. 

Forever bitter about living in a world where Hank fucking Pym gets his own movie but Black Widow is relegated to second-stringer in Cap 2./p>

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“To have her say ‘for my family’, but it’s not only for the family she lost in that memory. I made a conscious decision not to show the family destroyed in the memory because it’s all the family that she’s formed now, it’s the Russians that died, the Chinese that died, it’s the human family that we have seen slaughtered so far in the movie.”

— Guillermo del Toro, DVD commentary (via ungyo)

I cannot express how much I love this. The idea that ‘family’ can also mean the family that we have chosen for ourselves is so incredibly important to me.

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When they were tired, half asleep, drugged, or some other form of “not entirely there,” the line between what was Newt and what was Little Wing blurred just a little bit.

Part of my Drift and Hivemind AU.

Kodachi pls

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Stacker. That’s my son you got there. My son.

'hey dad look after my dog'

more like

'hey dog look after my dad'

The way Chuck went from “I intend to come back from this mission and you and Mako who I probably grew up touring the ‘Domes with and am now hurling misogynist slurs at like a complete and utter douchebag are fucking up my chances Rah-leigh.” to saying goodbye to his bff bulldog and his father because he knows and accepts he’s not coming back pissed me off so. much.

GDI, Beacham, I wanted to keep hating the asshat.

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Halloween Icons Part 2 -

Disney Villains…as Princesses

"No one wears this dress like Gaston!"

I completely lost it at Facilier./p>

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And finally something new from the greater Marvel Universe shows up in Agents of SHIELD!

…too bad it’s a third-or-fourth-stringer Avengers villain nobody’s ever heard of. :/

Ah well, at least that one hypercompetent chick (Melinda??) gets to do more. Approval!

Three episodes in and I think I’m done with the show. 

As much as I love Coulson, the show just isn’t doing it for me.

It basically feels exactly like watching PG-13 Torchwood with the Marvel U subbed in for the Whoniverse and very slightly better writing. I usually give a show 5-10 eps to get moving and win me, but so far I must say I am underwhelmed.

And finally something new from the greater Marvel Universe shows up in Agents of SHIELD!

…too bad it’s a third-or-fourth-stringer Avengers villain nobody’s ever heard of. :/

Ah well, at least that one hypercompetent chick (Melinda??) gets to do more. Approval!