I think ISOs have heartbeats


I always meant to post this, but the Jalen post reminded me - might ISOs have heartbeats? It’s clear Kevin Flynn checks Quorra’s “pulse” in Legacy (right where someone would check a normal human’s pulse), and in the final Abraxas Shard, you can also hear a heartbeat that I assume would belong to Abraxas.

Could this possibly be an actual thing, or more unelaborated ISO stuff? Or just derpy coincedence?

That…is a very interesting point!  I shall have to ponder it some more.  I really, REALLY wish they’d gone into more details about the ISOs and ISO “biology”…the fact that they feature a bit more prominently in Evolution is one of the things I like about it. 

Another thing I wonder about is the markings on Gibson’s chest.  They’re not circuits.  Can programs get “tattoos” (or new ‘themes’ or ‘skins’, as it were)?  Is it more of a thing with ISOs than Basics?  More food for thought!

(Source: killer-ending)