Quorra/Sam, firefighters AU

“This way!” shouted a high-pitched, muffled voice, and Sam followed it, his eyes watering, choking on the black fumes clogging the hallway.

More glass smashed, and a sudden draft cleared the smoke, revealing the small but heavily padded figure of a firefighter at the window. She beckoned impatiently from her perch on the long ladder, the reflective stripes on her oilcoat flashing in the strobing lights from outside, and he thought as he stumbled toward her that he’d never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

Ram + Vint, AU in which Ram survived the events of the first film and was ported over with Tron when Flynn built the new Grid.

“Be quiet if you want to live,” growled the spike-haired guy, but Sam could see exhaustion, fear, and concern showing through the mask of indifference. Bewildered, he turned to his left, where a startlingly familiar curly-headed program answered his next question with a rueful but genuine smile.

“Don’t worry, he gets like that.”

These.  Are.  PERFECT.  Both of them.  Thank you SO MUCH for filling mine, I love it to death, and oh god I wish it were canon.