Saturday Neglected Character Double Feature Part V: The Original Gangsta

Ahh, Clu.

No, folks, I’m not talking about the one YOU’RE all thinking of, everyone’s favorite perfection-obsessed Memetic Molester and patron saint of Dracos in Leather Pants everywhere.  I’m talking about THIS guy:

(Art credit to Avali)

That’s right, folks.  Meet the original, Clu 1.0.  Eternally upstaged by his attention-whore of an evil twin/younger brother, this guy doesn’t get a whole lot of love from the fandom at large, and that’s a crying shame.

Clu is a hacking program, designed by Kevin Flynn to break into secure networks and engage in all manner of shenanigans in his User’s honor.  He’s dogged, relentless, the best motherfucking program Flynn ever wrote…and he drives a fucking TANK.


(Art credit to InfiniteViking)

He’s also got a little Bit buddy, who loves him forever.

Unfortunately, Clu 1.0 meets his match when Flynn sets him to retrieving stolen data from Big Bad Master Control, but Clu holds his ground like the BAMF he is, refusing to give in even under torture.

"Forget it Mr. High-and-Mighty Master Control…you’re not making me talk!"

He could have done things the easy way, but no: he stands up to the Man and holds out to the bitter end, all in his User’s name.  

What a BAMF.

Clu 1.0 may have been forgotten by the System and by the fans, but all evidence suggests that Flynn never forgot the best program he ever wrote…after all, not only does he name his new program after his old favorite, but gives him control over his brand-new private world, second only to himself!  I can’t think of any better tribute.

…then again, maybe I can. :\

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