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The entry point was a digital analog of the arcade. The surrounding area matched the layout of the streets in the real world. “All the options in the world and you go with what you’ve got back home?” Alan muttered. “We need to talk about your imagination. After I kick your…

YES finally it’s rebloggable.  I love this so fucking much.

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Probably the radar then! Brace your body.

but how did I even end up on Tumblr Radar my blog is not quality wtfffff

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*HUGS* Aww Expo, I’m sorry sweetie! Feeling better?

sdghfhdsgh I keep getting replies to my random whining, you guys are all way too nice ;_;  Yes, I am totally fine now, it went away pretty much as suddenly as it came on, after making me feel like I’d been stabbed 37 times in the gut for 90 minutes.  I am now afraid to eat the rest of the frozen burritos I got :\

Quick and dirty Alan+Tron Tronfic



Written in chat for Bit, who is having a Week that’s gone on about two weeks already.

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i can’t handle this

or you

or anything

exploding with rainbows




See, you guys?  You don’t need ME to write fluff, not when you’ve got Shiny to do it for you!

Also I love this to death.  Just, y’know, putting that out there.

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HOLY SHIT. *HUG* I’m so sorry, sweetie! :((( Those assholes!

Eh, it wasn’t really the lab techs’ fault.  I have shit veins, it was freezing cold in the lab, and ANYTHING to do with needles makes me incredibly tense, which means my already shit veins go running for the proverbial hills.  They did everything they could to make it easy on me, my body just was. not. having. it. today. x_X  

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Aww bb *hugs*

TY, I needed that  ;_; ::hugs back in a hazmat suit::

Tron fic: Grace 2.1


I’m posting a sneak peak at the first half of the next part of Grace because I’m going to be quiet for a bit. I’ve got two fics to finish for smallfandombang and I want to do art for that and the gabriel-bigbang challenge, so I’ve put myself on a tight schedule and I felt bad for not getting the whole part out first.

This lovely graphic was done by Winzler for the fic! Same warnings apply, so…very minor violence in this part, overall story has elements of dubious consent, depending on how you look at it.

Sam had an instant’s combined reaction of dismay and hope at the thought — freedom was all well and good but he didn’t have a clue on surviving here or how to find what had happened to his father, not without help, and he’d admit the mind blowing sex had some say in his opinion of more time with the program — before Rinzler jerked his head back, forcing him to scramble to his knees. His ribs twinged and the torn skin of his knees protested even under the lightsuit. “Ah, ah—”

Rinzler bent low, putting them at eye level. “No.”

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Y HALO THAR.  Fancy seeing you here, fic.  Hope you don’t mind if I join you.

I have to admit, I’m becoming a tentative convert to this ship.  All the Rinzler, not nearly so much of the D: factor inherent in Clu/Rinzler.  Plus Tronzler gets to be the one in charge for once, dammit!

Anyway, this is all to say that I still REALLY like this fic, porny bits and all, and will continue to subscribe to its newsletter.  (Also do not even worry about this only being part 2.1, Shiny, this “partial chapter” is longer than ANY of the 6 fics I’ve written so far!) Can’t wait for the next installment~

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