Ficlet - “Keys”


Thanks to ExpositionFairy. I wrote a thing.

This is based on the idea that Sam didn’t go to the Arcade the same night as going to Encom and talking to Alan. Just a little musing from Sam’s POV.

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I adore missing moment detail fic, and the Tron franchise has a LOT of missing moments to fill.  Excellent job getting into Sam’s head here.

Fic: In the Quiet Hours of the Morn - Tron/Yori


In the Quiet Hours of the Morn
Fandom: Tron
Pairing: Tron/Yori

Summary: Observations on two programs in the wee hours of the morning.
Warning: mentions nookie that happened earlier, but not graphically.

On Ao3

A/N: Wh-wha - this was supposed to be porn! Where did the sappy fluff come from?

This fandom needs way, way more Tron and Yori fic, gdi.

These are the Fics You Might Don’t Know (But That are Still Pretty Damn Sweet)

If there’s one thing to be said for the Tron fandom (and there are many), it’s that the overall quality of the fanworks produced for it are pretty freaking stellar, and the fiction deserves a special mention.  From three-sentence microdrabbles to novella-length epics, the writers of the Tron fandom have supplied us with some absolutely fantastic stories (stories that are sometimes, dare I say it, better than what we’re given by the actual writers…but I digress.)  And because I am an eternal champion of the neglected and the underappreciated, here are a few gems you may have missed:

Campaign, by Anonymous.  Clu + Mayhem.  Yes, that Mayhem.  Now I know what you’re probably all thinking, but no, trust me, guys: you want to read this fic.  Read it for the lulz, for the crack, for the fucking amazing twist ending.  

Loop While Answer, by InfiniteViking.  A look into the lives of the Arena redshirts that introduces a fascinating bit of speculation into how the Games might have worked.

Bloodsport, by Noctaval/Stalkingbit.  Rinzler/Sam.  I’m a genficcer by nature and porn is not usually my cup of tea, but damned if I haven’t ended up willingly reading more M-rated stuff for this fandom than any other, and this one’s good enough to make my list.  Sam is bang-on in-character, Rinzler is alien and terrifying, and this little one-shot is creepy and awesome.  Includes bonus illustrations by Winzler and Baysalt!

The Lord is My Shepherd, by DragonWarden.  I am an absolute sucker for Betrayal-era fics, especially those that touch on the relationship between Tron and pre-crazy/slowly-going-crazy Clu.  This is one of my favorites.

Again Loop Again, by MmeJack.  Meet the fic that broke this avowed sadpire’s black heart.

Compile, by Brightdreamer.  Sam/Tron.  One of two very different but equally awesome fills for the “Sam gets trapped on the Grid by a near-fatal accident” TKM prompt, this WIP deserves far, far more love.  

Through Broken Eyes, by Ridyr.  Tron: Legacy and surrounding events, as seen through Rinzler’s POV.  Contains some absolutely fantastic, fascinating character development for Rinzler, and a surprise twist on a major Legacy plot point that almost made me want to add it to my personal headcanon.

Nocturnal, by Alorian.  A beautiful little one-shot focusing on Roy and Alan’s friendship, a subject very near and very dear to my heart.

Got any recs of your own for fics that you love and wish everyone else did too?  Let’s hear ‘em!

Tried to talk with God to no avail…

No, friends, your eyes do not decieve you.  ExpositionFairy is finally posting fic again.

This fic will be Chapter Zero of the sequel to my first Tron fic series Symbiosis (link goes to AO3).  I’ve been struggling with this son of a glitch for months now, but FINALLY I think I’ve managed to wrestle it into submission to the point that I like it enough to post.  Thank God. 

Lyrics quoted are from Falling Down by Oasis and Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin/Frank Sinatra.

ETA: Contains MAJOR REFERENCES to the Tron: The Next Day short.  If you’ve not seen it, GO DO SO.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society Tron Fandom, I bring you…

Beyond the Sea

Chapter 0 - Falling Down

Dying scream, makes no sound

Calling out to all that I’ve ever known

Here am I, lost and found

Calling out to all…

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That’s great: it starts with an earthquake…

Believe it or not, I actually started writing this weeks ago, long before the Scars trailer dropped everyone’s favorite brand new laughingstock surprise villain from nowhere into our laps.  This fic, I assure you, has nothing at all to do with either Uprising or vaccuum cleaners, and any relevant references to similarly-named characters are entirely coincidental.

For Spicer, who knows why.

And I Feel Fine

Edward Dillinger got the last laugh in the end, though by that time, nobody was laughing.



"You do realize," Edward Dillinger says, hands folded on the table in front of him, "that my reputation in this industry has…blemishes."

Blemishes, of course, is stating it politely.  In the toilet would probably be a more accurate description.  Six months in a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon for white-collar crime.  Bankrupted and publicly humiliated in civil court.  His attempt to start his own company specializing in large-scale systems integration torpedoed before it could so much as get off the ground, thanks to Kevin Flynn and his friends’ spectacularly successful campaign to make sure that Edward Dillinger will never be taken seriously again.

"We’re well aware, Mr. Dillinger," says one of the three men sitting across from him, a robust-looking but nondescript fortysomething in an impeccable black suit that screams government contractor.  ”What we want you to realize is that we don’t care.”

Dillinger raises an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth quirking upward along with it.  ”Alright.  You’ve got my attention.”

The one who speaks up this time is young and black, barely out of his twenties, from the look of it, ill-at-ease in his three-piece suit.  ”Mr. Dillinger, five years ago you were the lead programmer in charge of a massive integrated supercomputer system.  A supercomputer system with learning capability.”  His eyes gleam as he speaks, wide and practically vibrating with enthusiasm.

Dillinger twitches, though to his credit, he manages to keep his poker face up admirably.  ”Yes.  It failed.  Crashed under its own weight.  As I’m sure you must know.”  He reaches for his scotch, taking a sip.

"But it was years ahead of its time,” the young man counters, admiration clear in his voice.  ”Nobody else had anything close to your Master Control Program at the time, not even—” Fortysomething government suit gives him an understated glare, and he cuts himself off, abashed.

"Our point, Mr. Dillinger, is that you have considerable experience in a particular specialization of your field, experience we could use," says the third man, sandy-blonde and tanned, all businessman.  "What we’re working on is going to change the world, and we want you and your mind to be a part of it.  Miles here has been at our heels for the better part of a year now, convincing us to chase you down." He flashes a smile at the young black man, then turns back to Dillinger.  "So what do you say?  You in?"

Dillinger finally allows himself to smile.  ”I’d say I’d be a fool not to be, wouldn’t I.” He raises his glass in a casual toast.

Miles, the young black man, beams back at him.  ”You don’t know how happy I am to get a chance to work with you.  Welcome to Cyberdyne, Mr. Dillinger.”

Kabukins Requested: Clu cares for a sick/glitching Rinzler after an encounter with Abraxas

Two of Flynn’s pet phrases have been ringing in Clu’s head ever since Rinzler dragged himself back from the Outlands: “every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction”, and the one about what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.  His two perfect weapons, equal and opposite: Rinzler, the object that only he was allowed to move, dammit, and Abraxas, the unstoppable force that he’d never meant to be unstoppable, not really.

It occurs to Clu for the first time, as he combs through the twisting display of code projecting from Rinzler’s disc while his silent (friend) enforcer twitches in agony that not even shutdown can fully subdue, that perhaps the word “perfect” is a double-edged sword after all.

Reblog with a few of your favorite Tronfics.



Reblog with some recs of your own, spread the love. These are all gen and none of them are mine.

Since The Devil’s Dues is on there already, let’s go wiiiith…

Continue by Sheuzheiproih

- my all-time fav! A gen, Groundhog Day take on the night of the coup. Can Flynn escape the scene reloading again and again?

Engineers by Grey

- rushing up to give Continue a run for its money. What if Alan had gone to the arcade instead of Sam? Alan/Clu but really gen and plot/character heavy.

Obedience by Sed

- Clu/Rinzler and NSFW to hell and back, and amazing in how much character work there is among all the hatred and sadism.

Progenitor by Inkmage

- How the Blackguards came to be. Mostly gen, but also weirdly hot once the writer really gets going with the mindlink idea.

White Light by 8into9

- Flynn/Tron in a mostly SFW way, and one of the fics that got me into this fandom to begin with. The Creator finds release in aggression. Rowr!

Saturday Morning, 2am by anonymous

- The most realistic (non)Sam/Alan out there for me - as in, the kid has a crush, his godfather doesn’t take the news easily. Beautifully in-character and heartbreaking.

I HAVE MORE. Just ask.


The Sea Like The Stars, by DragonWarden

Rectify, by Aldhibah

Before the Fall/Fail/June Mermaid/Redshift/Bedtime Stories, by Kat

(Also seconding the aforementioned Continue and Engineers TO THE MOON)


Loop While Answer, by InfiniteViking

20 Minutes/40 Years, by Kabukins

Up and Apart, by Allronix (JET!)

And yes, much like Winzler, SO MANY MORE… (seriously, guys, the overall quality of the fic for this fandom is pretty jawdrapping)

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It’s that time again!

So I have been trying to get back in the writing groove and am failing hard with my longer fics, so it’s time for that well-loved old standby: the 3-sentence Minific Challenge!

Y’all know how this works.  Throw me a prompt (pairing, AU, whatever you like), and I’ll write you a 3-sentence microdrabble!  I’ll probably start writing them tomorrow since right now I’m still feeling very dazed and icky from this morning’s seizure and Ativan festivities.  

Come at me, brograms! 


I’ve been editing 20 Minutes/40 Years all day and I’m finally satisfied. I can be found on AO3 from now on. Not gonna post fics on Tumblargh cause… it just ain’t my thing. Thank you Winzler for the invite! <3

Signal boosting because this was one of my first favorite Tron fics ever, and it’s still on my Top Five oneshots list. <3  If you’re new to the party and haven’t read it yet, I highly reccommend you do so.

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Train Fic Bit for myself


And now, a Train Fic Bit I wrote for myself, because reasons.

This is…actually based on how my Mother and Dad got engaged.

Okay I admit I’m a ridiculous goddamn romantic at heart.


Alan doesn’t ask Lora to marry him. And no, Lora doesn’t ask him either. It just kind of, happens.

They’ve been living together for four years, and they’re coming back from town laden down with shopping, when they pass by a jewellery store. They pause almost naturally, neither dragging the other, and they lean together at the window.

Alan points out a slender gold ring with two diamonds and a delicate sapphire. Lora grins, but shakes her head, points out a ring with a single diamond.

“It’s not about quantity, Alan,” she says, playfully admonishing, “See that one? High clarity, few inclusions. It’s what we use in the laser, it’s a perfect focusing-”

Alan laughs and wraps an arm around Lora’s waist. “I love you,” he says, laughter still in his voice.

Lora looks at him with a quirked eyebrow and a smile.

“I’m marrying a woman who looks at a diamond and sees a laser; I’m the luckiest man alive,”

Lora laughs with him as Alan leans in for a kiss.

This, to paraphrase something a great man once said, was just what I needed, right now. <3

(Actual!) Bedtime Stories ch 1


I will probably continue to write this series completely out of order, but hey we finally made it to the main event! :3

Chapter 1: Define Kansas

The Portal was a maelstrom. The distant, star-like beacon had resolved itself into a massive vortex of light and wind, power crackling and channeling up and out with breathtaking force. Of course, the complex had been placed far from Tron City for that precise reason, but it was one thing to know and another thing to actually be in the middle of it.

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I continue to love this AU to tiny digital pieces.  Can’t wait to watch these two dorks fail hilariously some more.  <3


Wrote this for an old, old, old ficlet meme which I am still way too far behind on. It’s for remorsebot, whose Rinzler is a thing of terror beauty amazingness, and it references my central conceit from loop while answer, because I find it a handy bit of headcanon for situations like this.

Fandom: Tron (pre-Legacy).
Genre: G, gen, angst.
Summary: Everyone has a breaking point. Some just haven’t found it yet.

                                       might as well be walking on the sun

The little program didn’t change much. He was one of the incorrigibles, a minor crowd favorite, frequently advancing to the final round, as if he enjoyed being derezzed over and over again. He fought with enthusiasm and ingenuity, tender toward lesser opponents but giving his all against more powerful ones.

He played the game. Rinzler liked that. It was his offtime behavior that needed work.

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This is heartbreaking and beautiful and awesome.  I wouldn’t want to be on Angry!Ram’s bad side…

Defrag Again


All that Alan and Rinzler art on my dash probably made this inevitable.


Clu is not his programmer.

It is something he knows, as he knows the weight of disks in his hands, the vectors and trajectories and equations of force that make up his functions.

It is something Clu must know, himself, though he does not speak and they maintain the polite fiction for the sake of… something. Something which is not for him to know, though he guesses it in the spaces between orders and the blind raging fury Clu spends uselessly at his reflection. The User. The Creator. Flynn. Clu denies Flynn with every calculation.

Flynn is not his programmer either.

The data are fragments, like so much of his past, hashed and nearly wiped in the dawning battle of the administrator’s revolution. But the fragments are there, certain and sure as the angles of a perfect disk cast. A voice. A feeling. A connection. A name.


But Alan-One is not here.

In his dream he’s standing before the broken mirror again, looking into the shattered, distorted face of his reflection.

I’m sorry, he whispers to the face in the mirror.  I wish I could understand.  I want to understand.  But I can’t.  I can’t take this anymore.  I don’t have it in me.  I’m sorry.

The reflection lingers for a few last moments, staring back at him silently through the web of cracks.  Alan can almost imagine some emotion in the one visible eye—anger or fear or sorrow—but he can’t quite get a handle on it.

Then the reflection is gone, leaving only the empty glass behind.”



Hello, Rinzler.


He wakes.

He is curled in the command chair of the administrator’s small ship. He is not overly surprised by this. It has recharge functions, and his last memory file is of battle.

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Oh God my heart

madness infects: fight-for-the-users asked: Feel free to write TronAlan for me, maybe Tron and Alan had a thing in the Grid then Alan...


The entry point was a digital analog of the arcade. The surrounding area matched the layout of the streets in the real world. “All the options in the world and you go with what you’ve got back home?” Alan muttered. “We need to talk about your imagination. After I kick your…

YES finally it’s rebloggable.  I love this so fucking much.